Artist Statement


Web site as bird’s eye view


This web site is for my own personal edification.  I want to learn what I actually do when I am working.  What is my work all about? It seems quite varied but isn’t there a certain sameness here?  By looking at the whole body of work from a bird’s eye view (using the website format), I hope to be able to see it in a comprehensive way and learn from that.


I am attempting to separate out the various threads in my work. I can see that this will be an ongoing task. I have selected some of my favorite images and have put them in somewhat arbitrary groupings or categories, such as narratives, whimsy, abstract painting, faces, horses, icons, nudes and still life.


This is not a retrospective or a chronology.  It is an artist’s attempt to better understand the thought process, the art process, behind her work as a whole.

I have not separated the work by medium as the choice of medium does not seem to be an important aspect in finding the threads. 

Upon reflection; a view from the aerie

The work is spontaneous.  I see mostly gestural marks, with redrawing on top of the work to reinforce a progression of thought or refinement of feeling.  This spontaneity is not arbitrary; it is used to "get out of my own way," that is, out of my left brain way of thinking.

Working in series, using multiple images, is a good way to think or feel my way around a concept.

The effort to get to the right brain is mostly unconscious. I believe it to be the best way to achieve my over-all goal,  which is to learn "the truth". 

Myth and Biblical stories are rich sources for the imagination. They contain metaphors which can be mined for essential truths.